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I'm Alright If You're Ok - Opaque Red LP


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Ships on: July 26, 2024

Limited Edition Opaque Red Vinyl 1LP.

Aidan Bissett’s debut EP I’m Alright If You’re Ok expands on the rule-breaking ingenuity the Florida native first revealed in his early work as an entirely DIY bedroom-pop artist. “When I first started working on the EP, I knew I wanted to create a body of work that told a story that people could connect to,” says Bissett. The title to the EP refers to realizing that I was letting my mental wellbeing depend way too much on the other person, and not focusing enough on taking care of myself.”

1. All That I’m Craving
2. I Can’t Be Your Friend
3. Tripping Over Air
4. A Song For Her
5. Twenty Something

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